Are Ghosts Real?

Yes. Ghosts are real. We read in the bible an account of a ghost being summoned by King Saul in 1 Samuel 28 .

Now, here’s where things get weird. The bible tells us that our spirits are ushered to heaven or hell after they leave our body, so why do we see human spirits? Why do some people see ghosts of people they know? Who was Saul talking to?

There are two major schools of thought on this topic:

1. There are no human spirits that can manifest, just demons that pretend. We know that the devil and his army are crafty liars. Some people believe that when we see spirits of humans, we are actually seeing demons in disguise.  Demons pretend to be people we recognize because they know it will torment us to see a loved one we’ve lost. Demons fool people into doing what they say, because people think they are hearing from a relative. They will also manifest as humans as a defense mechanism.

2. Our spirits leave residual energy on this world. It’s no secret that our bodies carry energy. Martial artists call it Chi, Buddhists call it Chakra, scientists call it our electromagnetic field. Regardless of what we call it, we give off certain energies.  Some people, like mediums, are incredibly sensitive to these energies.  A medium “reads” these energies, but it is not an actual spirit from the other side communicating; it is just a sensitive person coming into contact with a powerful residual energy.

So, yes, ghosts are real, but not all ghosts are real. Above all, remember that our God is greater. He created everything, and has power over all. If you ever feel afraid or scared, call out to God, and He WILL protect you!

*If you are experiencing anything that you cannot explain, please feel free to contact me.


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