Imagine a game of monopoly.

You and the rest of the world are playing a game of monopoly with God and satan.  Pretty soon, satan has a few hotels and houses on every spot. No matter what anyone rolls they land on one of these squares that costs them all their money plus some. Unable to pay, they head to jail. Pretty soon, every person who rolls the dice is in jail. Then it’s God’s turn to roll. He rolls a seven and lands on boardwalk. “Ha HA HA!” screams satan. “I got fifty hotels on that spot, man! You’re done!” God grins. He pulls a card from his hand and shows it to satan. God says, “Actually, I own boardwalk.” He pulls card after card from his hand and pretty soon shows that he owns the entire board.

“So, satan, you owe me a lot of rent. And I’d like to collect that now.”

“I don’t have enough to cover all that!” satan says.

“Than how about you give me a golden ‘get out of jail free’ card that I can use however I want, whenever I want?”

Reluctantly, satan hands the golden card to God. God turns to the next player  who’s turn is up. It’s Jesus, God’s son. God hands Jesus the card and says, “Have fun!”

Jesus looks around the board at all the people who have gone before and says, “I have a card that lets you get out of jail! Go straight to ‘GO’ and collect $200! Any one who wants to can join me!”

Some people were so excited and overjoyed, they grabbed their piece and quickly followed Jesus to the “GO” square. Others were hesitant and didn’t think that was how the game was played. Others didn’t think that the rules were clear enough and so stayed in jail. Still, others were bitter at Jesus because they had been in jail so long. This made God and Jesus very sad. Satan, however was very happy.

“Well, I still have this card,” said Jesus “and anyone who wants to follow me can; whenever you want.”


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