Why Did God Make Boys AND Girls?

Seriously!!! How much drama could be avoided if there was only guys or girls! 99% of all movies and TV shows would not exist, because there would be no plot. It seems there is a ton of problems that stem from the fact that we have guys and girls on the same planet. Why would God create these two types of humans if He knew there would be all this drama?

Jessica just got dumped because some guy thought her friend was cuter.

 Brad just found out his girlfriend has been cheating on him.

 Tyler never talks to his friends anymore because he is always spending time with his girlfriend.

 Megan is having a tough time at school because she has a good friend who is a boy, and rumors are flying around about them spending time together.

This can’t be Gods great plan for humanity. He must have seen this coming, right? Why would He create two types of humans if He knew there would be all these problems?

Perhaps the solution isn’t as simple as erasing one of the sexes. Let’s be honest, we would still have jealousy, envy, anger, hate, miscommunication, and frustration, pain and sorrow if the opposite sex didn’t exist. Perhaps we need to look at why God created both men and women to find a solution to our relational drama.

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to me alone, I will make a helper suitable for him'” -Genesis 2:18

We see two things here. First, it isn’t good for man to be alone. It isn’t bad, it’s just not good. This tells me that we were created to be in a community. Life, love, worship are all good when done with others. It is good for man to be with others. It is good for him to have others who are different to be around him. It is good for those with other views, and experiences, and thoughts, and habits to be around each other. It is good because it makes a more complete community. It is not good for man to be alone, because alone is incomplete. Now there are people who go out in the woods and live alone, and I would suggest that while these people are content, they are not complete. We need others around us to push us and compliment us. We are not talking about lovey-dovey, ewey-gooey relationships, just people who are different. We were created unique and special, so that we could help a community become complete. Isn’t it ironic though, how we tend to gravitate or hang out with people who are like us?

This brings us to the next thing: we need help. God created a suitable helper. You need a suitable helper. You need help. Now some people can do many great things, but no one can do everything. We all need help.

Not only are you incomplete, you are helpless.

Here we find ground zero for all the problems.

Courtney feels incredibly incomplete. She fills her life with men who claim to love  her. No matter how many men she is with, it doesn’t seem like she is complete.

 Kelly doesn’t even know who she is without her boyfriend. It’s like her identity is found in who she is with, and not who she is.

 Sean wants to be seen as cool by all his friends, but feels he needs the help of female companionship to accomplish this.

 Nick isn’t getting the attention he needs from his woman, so he starts looking for other women who will help him in the way he wants.

 We are incomplete and helpless. Is there any wonder that we have so much relational turmoil? So what is the answer? How do these two things help us? What do we do with the facts that we are incomplete and helpless?

Stop just thinking about yourself.

You are incomplete and helpless, but so is everyone else! Our relational drama comes from our selfish nature. We focus on our incompleteness, and our need for help and approach every relationship asking, “what can you offer me?” or “how are you going to help me?” instead of coming to the table and saying, “how can I help you? How can I complete YOU?” Women are different from men for a good reason: to complete and help each other. This is how and why God created us this way. He did not create us to wage war on each other, but to bring about peace we could not accomplish on our own. He did not make us to frustrate each other, but help each other. Our selfish nature has perverted Gods original design and caused the drama we see play out before our eyes every day.

“What causes fights and quarries among you? Don’t they come from your selfish desires that battle within you?” -James 4:1

God created incomplete and helpless boys and girls to give us an opportunity to complete others and help others that are different. He also created us incomplete and helpless so that He could complete and help us. A man and woman will never be complete and sufficient, no matter how in love they are. We need each other just as much as we need God. The desire you have for a relationship with the opposite sex is the incomplete helplessness that God placed in us. Although they may help, another human will never fully fill that void in us. We need God just as much as we need each other.

 “Though one may be overpower, two can defend themselves. A chord of three strands is not quickly broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:12


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