Who Created God?

To talk about God, and creation, time and space, science and reason, we are going to have to understand a few hard to grasp truths about our reality. So take a moment. Get up from where you are sitting or laying and stretch.

Seriously. Leave your computer, stretch to the sky and then touch your toes, then massage your skull because we are about to do some mental aerobics.

The concepts we need to be aware of are these:

  • All matter in our reality consists of four dimensions. Height, depth, width and time.
  • All matter in existence had the same starting point in time.
  • Whatever force is responsible for our existence must be outside of the four dimentions, and not bound by time.

Let’s unpack these ideas further…. (Some people like to talk and think about this stuff, but if you are not one of those people, that’s ok. Just jump down to the paragraph that starts with an asterisk.)

Imagine a gold wedding ring in your mind. Now envision holding the ring in your fingers so you can see through the middle of it. Where is the beginning or end of this loop of metal? It has none, right? It is just a continual loop. The ring simply “IS”.

Now look at a clock. What time is it? The only way we know what time of day it is, is by how much time has passed since it started (Unless you are Bear Grills and you can tell time to the minute by the stars and placement of the sun). Each day starts after the previous day ends. 24 hours pass, then the stopwatch goes back to zero, and starts counting up to 24 hours again. Each day has a beginning and end. Even if you are in a different time-zone, you still have a common point of reference for your timezone. Many global companies are synced with an atomic clock so that their offices all over the world all have a common point of reference. Navy Seals are always “synchronizing” their watches so they are all on the same page.

Stay with me.

What if today had no beginning? What if it was like the ring? What if all reality just is? We would not know what time it is because today had no starting point. In fact, time would collapse upon itself if there was no beginning of time. There could be no “now” because there is an endless “then”.

Imagine a hula hoop. Imagine you tell someone to run their finger around a hula hoop and stop when they had circled the hoop three times stopping at exactly three complete rotations. Next, ask someone to do the same. Unless they started at the same place, they would end at different points. With no common frame of reference to start at, there is no common place of ending. If time and everything in our realm of reality didn’t all start at the same time, then we would all be living at different times. If everything that has mass wasn’t created on the same timeline, there would be objects existing on their own independent timelines.The chair you are sitting on would only exist five minutes ago. The blog you’re reading hasn’t been written yet.

Crazy hu?

So the next time someone tries to tell you that the universe has just always been around, ask him or her what time it is, then ask them if the universe is older now than it was two minutes ago. If they say yes, then tell them that it’s only possible to be older if there was a starting point, a reference point for measurement. The only way for something to exist and have no beginning, is for it to exist before there was time. And any scientist will tell you that anything that exists outside of time can never crossover into time. It can only be represented or effect objects in time. Consider love. Love exists outside of time, yet it can effect us, or we can express it to others, still we cannot physically hold it or measure its mass.

So all matter in this reality is stuck to our timeline. Our timeline had a beginning, but where does God fit in all this?

Draw a line with two dots at each end. One dot represents the beginning of time. The point when time was invented and created. The other dot represents the end of time. Now draw a circle around your entire drawing. This is where God exists. See, He is bigger than time. Time is simply the aquarium he built for us to exist in. He built time for us to experience things in a linear fashion. Someone once told me that time is what keeps everything from happening at once. To keep us from simply having every moment of our lives at once, He allows us to experience each instance in itself on a continual line of consciousness called time.

We interact with matter, space and time and our comprehension of it all adds to our understanding of things having a start. Even things that seem like they are completely random! The Chaos Theory tries to make sense of overly complex things. The chaos theory wants to dissolve a creation based reality and uses randomness as a platform to promote it’s agenda. The coastline of Chile, the branches on a tree or the shape and formation of clouds. These things seem incredibly random and chaotic, but as we interact with them more, we see an even more complex reason and design! Life on this planet is not the result of some highly improbable chance! Fractal Mathematics shows us that everything has a self symmetry within a finite range (The image above is a color coded example of fractal mathematics. This is commonly known as a Mandelbrot and even referred to as the finger print of God). Not chaos, complex creativity. River paths, mountain ranges, even snowflakes adhere to fractal mathematics. There is a creator, and everything we know and understand screams out his existence.

Think about it. We can fully understand the idea of someone being created. We as humans have a complete understanding of a creator and creation. No one walks down a city street, and says, “look at all these accidental structures that people live in.” No, we can see the design and purpose of these buildings and know that there was intelligence and design behind their creation.

God is creative. The first thing we see God doing in the bible is creating! Making something from nothing! Everything we interact with… EVERYTHING we interact with is a direct result of God’s creation!

*God hasn’t always been, He IS. It’s hard for us to understand this concept since we are slaves to time and creation, but take comfort in the fact that the one who created your mind and ability to understand, is bigger than it.


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